Our Terminal Services

We offer storage for Dry and Liquid Bulk and provide Logistics support on a 24/7 basis.

Dry Bulk

We offer best in class services on dry bulk cargo loading/discharge using state of the art equipment capable of delivering up 1x600mt/hr and 1x800mt/hr fully automated high capacity screw type unloading systems to deliver world class performance.

Liquid Bulk

We are outfitted with manifolds capable of receiving products such as base oil, palm oil, palmolein, LPFO, ethanol and other fluid products into surrounding tank farms.

Storage Facility

We have the capacity for storage in grain silos, warehouses and open storage areas for various kinds of dry and break bulk cargoes.

Logistics Support

We leverage on the expertise and experience of our sister company- Golden Transport Company(GTC) to provide unparalleled logistics Services.


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is an integral part of our operations, we are committed to protecting the Health and Safety of our workforce, contractors, visitors and the environment.We strive to implement safeguards that comply with applicable regulatory and industry best practice. We provide effective stewardship through regular performance audits and inspections.